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Black Head Banishing Ritual

Skin blemishes are something that everyone combats. Acne, scars, burns, scratches, peeling, flaking & many more issues are constantly having war raged against them. Instead of battling your skin you must re-balance & cleanse it. This can be done simply using holistic recipes. Try out this stress-free ritual for destroying blackheads. It is easy to create because it only contains TWO ingredients. Not only will it conquer black & white heads; it also helps fade away scarring & replenishes the moisture of the skin.


Half lemon

4 Drops of honey


Drop the honey directly onto the half of lemon. Rub the lemon in upward circular motions on problem areas such as chin & nose. Leave the mixture on for five to ten minutes & then wash with cold water.

*The lemon is an anti-bacterial ingredient while the honey soothes skin & balances pH levels. Cold water is fabulous for reducing redness & puffiness.


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